(b. 1948 Portland, Oregon USA)
Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey and New York, NY
BA University of Washington, Seattle
BFA, Fort Wright College, Spokane, WA
Resident, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, MA
Solo Exhibitions
upcoming 6th solo show:Degenerate Work, Site: Brooklyn , NY. (with essay and book design by Stanley Moss)
The Stremmel Gallery, Reno, Nevada
Kocaman Kafes, at Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey
Mike Berg: Recent Textiles, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Mike Berg: Taking Chances, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Simple Geometry, Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey
Believing in Impossible Things, Ankara, Turkey
5/3 Insane, PGArtSpace, Istanbul, Turkey
Heavy Metal, Galeri Nev, İstanbul, Turkey
The Aftermath of Sunny Days, Galeri Nev, İstanbul, Turkey
Run My Hand Around The Font, Center for Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA
You Can’t Say It That Way Anymore, Galeri Nev, İstanbul, Turkey
Galleons And Towers, Kadir Has Üniversitesi, İstanbul, Turkey
Mistaking Street Lamps for Planets, Lorinda Knight Gallery, Spokane, WA
Mike Berg at the Hagia Sofia Museum, İstanbul, Turkey
Bronze Age, Galeri Nev, İstanbul, Turkey
Florence DeVoldere Salon, Paris, France
Little House of Our Desire, Dulcinea, İstanbul, Turkey
  What Days Are For, Sling Shot Gallery, New York, NY
What Days Are For, Heriard/Cimino Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Now It Goes Smoothly, Gina Fiore Salon of Fine Arts, Chelsea Hotel, New York, NY
  Now It Goes Smoothly, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA
A Family of Stories, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO
A Haven of Serenity and Unreachable, Rule Gallery, Denver, CO
Patterns in Time, Maria Henle Studio, St. Croix, USVI
Visions Fugitives, Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center, New York, NY
A History of Backward Glances, Lee Arthur Studio, New York, NY
Lee Arthur Studio, New York, NY
Sharon Truax Gallery, Venice, CA
McGrath Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Earl McGrath Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
56 Bleecker Gallery, New York, NY
Mike Berg in the Tin Room, 56 Bleecker Gallery, New York, NY
Inaugural Exhibition, The Queens Museum, New York, NY
The Donald Wren Gallery, New York, NY
Interior/Exterior: Architectural Fantasies, Untitled, The Queens Museum, New York, NY
Guid'Arte Gallery, Rome, Italy
Louisiana State University, School of Art Gallery, Baton Rouge
Noel Butcher Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Group Exhibitions
Rassegna Di Arti E Culture Roccatederighi, Italy
3rd Mardin Bienal, Mitolojiler
Path of Sculptures That Lead to Miro, Baksi Museum, Bayburt, Turkey
Sanatci Dokumalari, Ege Universitesi Ataturk Kultur Merkezi Sanat Galerisi, Izmir, TR
Other Revolts, curated by Ibrahin Cansizoglu, Galeri Nev, July/August, Istanbul, TR
Gimme Shelter, curated by Sylvia Imbrock, Tieton Gallery, Tieton, WA
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Biennial Art Auction, curated by Kathryn Kanjo, Sandiego, CA
Delirium: Wave Two, Illiterate Media, Denver, CO
Türbülans, Galeri Nev, İstanbul, Turkey
Delirium: Wave One, Illiterate Media, Denver, CO
The El Paseo Exhibition, Palm Desert, CA
New Visions, The Harrison Gallery, Williamstown, MA
Group Exhibition, Galeri Nev, İstanbul. Turkey
After 10 Years, Maria Henle Gallery, St. Croix, USA
Layers, Anita Friedman Fine Arts, New York, NY
LA Current, Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Collaboration, Montgomery Gallery, Pomona College, CA
Red, Rule Galley, Denver, CO
Mike Berg, Stephane Herbelin, and Andre Raffin, Jean-Louis Breux Contemporary Art, Houston, TX
The Beauty Salon, Barbara Braathen Gallery, New York, NY
One Night Stand: 60 Rooms with a View,  Art Hotel at the Hilton, Amsterdam
Winter Salon, Lee Arthur Studio, New York, NY
Icon Objects Fetishes, Studio Raid, Los Angeles, CA
The Earl McGrath Gallery in New York, Anthony Ralph Gallery, New York, NY
Transformations, Lee Arthur Studio, New York, NY
Still Lives, Zen Center Hospice, San Francisco, CA
Invitational '91, Richard Green, Santa Monica, CA
 Maquettes, Sharon Truax, Venice, CA
Auction for Action, Act UP/NEW YORK
Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, NY
Carl Apfelschnitt Benefit, Nicole Klagsbrun, New York, NY
  A Bid of Love, God's Love We Deliver, Sotheby's March 6, New York, NY
Christmas Group: Old and New, Earl McGrath Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
The Nude Show, One Penn Plaza, New York, NY
Visiting Artists' Show, Cantor Art Gallery, Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA
Franklin Adams, Mike Berg, George Siejka, and Stanley Sporny, Gallery Simone Stern, New Orleans, LA
The Tar Show, Attitude Art, New York, NY
  Interiors, One Penn Plaza, New York, NY
Notions of Contemporary Surrealism, Vanderwoude/Tananbaum, New York, NY
Artist Toys and Ornaments, Vanderwoude/Tanabaum, New York, NY
Artists' Choice, Gallery Simone Stern, New Orleans, LA
The First Eight Years, Artists’ Choice Museum, New York, NY
Bodies and Souls, Kornblee Gallery, New York, NY
Painted Light, Traveling Exhibition: Reading Museum, PA; Queens Museum of Art, Flushing Meadows, NY; Colby College Art Museum, Waterville, MA; Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
An Appreciation of Realism, Munson Proctor Williams Institute, Utica, NY
Narrative Painting, Allan Frumkin Gallery, New York, NY
Narrative Painting, Butcher-Moore Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; Odyssia Gallery, New York, NY
Young Artists, Artists’ Choice Museum, New York, NY
In Praise of Space, Traveling Exhibition: Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA; Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC; Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
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