“Berg is a kind of aesthetic anarchist, disrupting the natural processes of decay and organizing his interventions into exquisitely layered abstraction.” – Linda Yablonsky
May 19, 1948 born in Portland, Oregon.
Early years. Attends Lewis and Clark High School. Ski races. Family discourages art as a path.
After graduating from Lewis and Clark travels to Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. Spends most of the time in Madrid. Visits the Prado to see Francisco de Goya, Francisco de Zurburan, and Diego Velasquez. The City and its architecture impress.
Returns to Seattle, Washington to attend University of Washington. While at UW makes figurative painting,
does independent study with abstract figurative painter and Chair of Art Department, Spencer Mosley.
Meets Gege Haugstad.
BA, Political Science, University of Washington.
Studies at Fort Wright College, Spokane. Meets New York figurative painter, and Trustee of the Skowhegan School
for Painting and Sculpture, Jack Beal. With Beal’s support applies at last minute to Skowhegan, Maine.  
Attends summer program. Awarded full scholarship by Skowhegan to attend the New York Studio School.
BFA Fort Wright College.
Moves to New York City and works as carpenter.
Builds loft on Fulton Street near Wall Street.
First daughter born
Receives attention as figurative artist during the burgeoning of Pop Art, Minimalism, and Conceptual Art.  Hilton Kramer notes Berg in review of Narrative Painting at Frumkin Gallery, New York.    “Mike Berg’s painting, a young artist I’m not familiar with, has an admirable clarity and compositional poise.”– Hilton Kramer
Begins to experiment with abstraction, atmosphere, and space in painting.
Builds second loft at 101 Crosby Street in Soho. Commences building house, studio, water gardens, solar water and electrical systems on far southern end of cattle ranch in eastern Washington State. Building on ranch continues to the present.
Second daughter born
Exhibits In Praise of Space, organized by Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.
Buys loft on Hudson Street in West Village.
Space in paintings becomes more architectural: buildings facades, windows, and doorways.
Travels by car from New York City to cattle ranch in Washington with family twenty two times over the years.
Participates in traveling exhibition Painted Light, Reading Museum, Pennsylvania.
1984 Begins representation by Vanderwoude Tananbaum Gallery, New York City.
Artist-in-Residence at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge by invitation of Professor Ed Pramuk.
Meets Shirley Verrette.
Third daughter born
Meets Bill Stelling and Dean Rolston, Directors of 56 Bleecker Gallery. Exhibits with the Gallery and is introduced to Earl McGarth.
First Son born
Moves to Venice Beach, California.
Exhibits at Earl McGrath Gallery.
Meets Ed Ruscha who introduces him to Master Printer, Ed Hamilton at  Hamilton Press, Venice Beach. Makes lithograph.
Makes monotypes with Joel Stern at New City Editions.Venice Beach.  Work shifts into new directions with expanded scale and geometric forms.
Work transitions inspired by the surfaces and textures in Los Angeles architecture. Abstraction and pattern reflects contemporaries Philip Taaffe and Brice Marden.
Moves back to loft in West Village.
Receives mural commission at 20 Renwick Street, New York City.
Makes first photo-etched works in bronze as a way of translating one medium into another, ink drawings into bronze. Moves to using chance selection as a compositional device in art practice.
Artist Mark Sink introduces Robin Rule, Rule Gallery Denver, Colorado.
Exhibits A Haven of Serenity and Unreachable at Rule.
Curator Cydney Payton commissions mural for the exterior of the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art building. Inspired by the Islamic character of a traditional teahouse given to the City of Boulder by sister city Dushanbe, Tajikistan, composition of mural incorporates layers of pattern. Exhibits A Family of Stories, catalogue with an essay by art critic Linda Yablonsky
Exhibits in LA Current at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California.
Seattle collectors Alida and Christopher Latham commission mural, A Walk Across Continents.
Curator Gina Fiore exhibits Now It Goes Smoothly in exhibition at the Chelsea Hotel, New York City that travels to Eastern Washington Museum of Art in Cheney.
Visits Istanbul for ten days. Connects Central Asian textile art with the Abstract Expressionism of Arshile Gorky. Becomes interested in kilims, traditional rugs, and ceramic arts.
Moves family to Istanbul, Turkey at Arnavutkoy on the Bosporus.
Maintains studios in Turkey, New York, and Washington.
Meets curator Clarie Bucci with Dulcinea Gallery in Istanbul. First installation, Little House of Our Desires at Dulcinea.
Installation of What Days Are For with photo etched wall pieces travels from Heriard/Cimino Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana and to Slingshot Gallery, New York, New York.
Continues to work with sculpture. Bronze Works exhibited at Florence DeVoldaie Salon, Paris, France. 
Meets Mustafa Aksoy Director of the Hagia Sofia Museum, Istanbul. Invited to exhibit in 2003.

Makes first paintings embroidered in Uzbekistan.

Meets Haldun Dostoglu, owner and Director of Galerie Nev through Claire  Bucci. First solo exhibition at Galerie Nev, Bronze Age.Accepted as Gallery artist.
Begins to cut metal pieces with water jet to make larger forms while maintaining gestural line quality of ink drawings.
Begins collaboration with highly skilled embroiderers in Istanbul. Chance based geometric abstract paintings made.
Begins series of gestural ink drawings translated into embroidered paintings made in Armenia.
Major installation, Galleons and Towers, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, features paintings and wire sculptures with geometrical patterns inspired by architecture of an Anatolian Village.
Moves sculptures off the wall into free-standing works. Makes first cylindrical steel pieces.
Exhibits Run My Hand Around the Font, Center of Contemporary Art, Seattle, Washington .Installation in dark chamber rooms with metal sculptures and patterned cast-light on walls and ceiling.
Major installation, Heavy Metal features large steel sculptures with geometric chalk wall drawings at Galeri Nev.
Creates first kilims with geometric shapes using chance selection of colors.
Major installation of large steel sculptures, 5/3 Insane, at PGArtSpace, Istanbul.
Resident artist at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Major installation for the Mardin Biennial in Mardin, Turkey
Major installation large architectural/sculptural for 6th solo show at Galeri Nev, Istanbul.